Something Purple For Prunella…


No one gets in the door here without the curse of hideous bunny-ears, and this dude was lo-o-ong overdue. He also got the purple treatment because that’s Prunella’s favorite color, but I actually think it suits him, kinda-sorta…

I have nothing better to do with my spare time, apparently, than to desecrate the hallowed memory of beloved film icons who are dead and therefore incapable of objecting to my awful taste and pet obsession with lapine ear-cartilage… Divine Puffy Foo Foo Bunny approves, however, and has decreed he is insta-canonized as Saint Errol of Locksley, Patron of Tasmania, the Maldives, Sherwood Forest, the State of Florida during Spring break, and Tierra del Fuego.

Since his extremely recent ascension to Foo-Foo beatitude, St. Errol officially appreciates spirit-offerings of single-malt whiskey, archery equipment, bourbon, cognac, gin, vodka, dynamite, ship’s figureheads shaped like buxom mermaids (topless), multicolor hanging lamps made out of dried pufferfish, guacamole and chips, rum, scotch, champagne, portable typewriters, tequila, port, sherry, vermouth, grenadine, maraschino cherries, grilled lobster, pulque, mango salsa, cocktail toothpicks, tobacco, and glow-in-the-dark sex toys.

His special feast-days are June 20th (his birthday, and a day of Robin-Hood-Hat-wearing obligation for all orthodox Foo-Fooites), and November 1st, when for an offering of three sugar skulls, a rudely-shaped black candle and a pint of brandy, he can be petitioned to scare the ever-loving crap out of difficult members of the petitioner’s family by means of recurrent, violent poltergeist activity at three a.m. in their bedrooms.

Oh, and he’s also my friend Prunella’s special Divine Intercessor and supernatural enforcer, so I’d keep on her good side if I were you…


About Thorn Harefoot

Witch, Artist, Library Assistant and Smart-Mouthed Hare. I know how to cook with a tagine. I paint, sew, embroider, collage, cast spells, practice several forms of divination, belly-dance, write, meditate, read a lot, and go for walks and/or trail rides out in Nature whenever I can. (At the moment, I also help one of my siblings with care-giving chores for two 90-year-old parents with dementia issues, among other health-problem things.) As an artist, I love all colors, but I admit to being very partial to green. I was born in May, on the 14th and during the May Hare-Moon lunation, on the New Hare Moon (go figure), and I have an Aries/Ashvini Moon (so I love-love-love horses), a Scorpio Ascendant (so not only am I a skilled researcher, data-miner and secret-uncoverer, I also really, really know how to wait patiently for that perfect revenge-moment), an Aries Venus (so I think women should study martial arts, run for the Senate, and not worry at all about their weight or making babies with some dickhead loser) and an exalted Jupiter in Pisces (so despite the Aries Venus and Scorpio Ascendant things, I'm kindhearted and spiritual, and have a decent moral compass). My Chinese Animal-sign is Yang Metal Tiger (so I don't like sloppy kissers, weak-kneed imbeciles, or men with "mommy-issues" and I wear the proverbial shitload of silver jewelry at all times). To sum up things, the bald truth of the matter is that I do not do the "girly-girl thing" at all well-- I'm more the wild-(Hare)-child-of-the-Djinn type, in Tuareg silver, tattoos and plenty of kohl around the eyes, the better to See the Spirits with...

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  1. EF would enjoy this outrageously, commit it to memory, and regale his buddies with it until they knew it by heart. Then the Devil would play. Anybody who couldn’t recite your mouth-wateringly described list of his spirit offerings would have to buy him a drink. In return, if he couldn’t recite what they wanted–say, Shakespeare, which he adored–then he’d have to buy them a drink. Anyway, you have no trouble imagining anything, my dear, and are currently on a psychic tear, so continue raging through the ethers, as I have enjoyed the results almost as much as you have in creating them.

    • I was definitely cackling insanely as I was putting this together, both the picture and the saintly attributes and offerings. What makes it even funnier is that I have the distinct impression that the sponsorship of Florida during Spring break and the offerings of pufferfish lamps and dynamite (not to mention the booze) were nudges from the man himself. I was laughing so hard, I was obliged to make a bathroom trip right in the middle of everything.

      I also got the impression that EF was very fond of seafood and Mexican food in general, which was why I threw in the guacamole-and-chips. The topless buxom mermaid figureheads were a no-brainer, and I am seriously considering making a sugar skull, rude candle and brandy offering on November 1st, because I can think of about a good half-dozen people I’d like him to scare witless.

      I will also see if I can find us both Robin Hood hats so we can be properly observant on June 20th…

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