One More Sonnet, Just Because…


Some Ivy, ever-green, for remembrance…

A Sonnet For Christopher, From Thorn

The Speare cast down that false Will‘d thee,
The hushed and hidden Swan true known,
I fervent hope that this might be,
Tho’ long the years ere thou hast flown
Amongst the stars that blaze so bright…
Thy legacy of ready wit
Hath form’d anew the School of Night–
We know thee, rightful Bard, kind Kit!
Following with craft and care,
Found was the secret thou didst show:
Thy Muse-spark’d tongue still brands our air
Tho’ Mar‘d thy voice and hidden low.
Despite thine Age, that used thee ill,
Across Time’s gulf we hear thee still.



About Thorn Harefoot

Witch, Artist, Library Assistant and Smart-Mouthed Hare. I know how to cook with a tagine. I paint, sew, embroider, collage, cast spells, practice several forms of divination, belly-dance, write, meditate, read a lot, and go for walks and/or trail rides out in Nature whenever I can. (At the moment, I also help one of my siblings with care-giving chores for two 90-year-old parents with dementia issues, among other health-problem things.) As an artist, I love all colors, but I admit to being very partial to green. I was born in May, on the 14th and during the May Hare-Moon lunation, on the New Hare Moon (go figure), and I have an Aries/Ashvini Moon (so I love-love-love horses), a Scorpio Ascendant (so not only am I a skilled researcher, data-miner and secret-uncoverer, I also really, really know how to wait patiently for that perfect revenge-moment), an Aries Venus (so I think women should study martial arts, run for the Senate, and not worry at all about their weight or making babies with some dickhead loser) and an exalted Jupiter in Pisces (so despite the Aries Venus and Scorpio Ascendant things, I'm kindhearted and spiritual, and have a decent moral compass). My Chinese Animal-sign is Yang Metal Tiger (so I don't like sloppy kissers, weak-kneed imbeciles, or men with "mommy-issues" and I wear the proverbial shitload of silver jewelry at all times). To sum up things, the bald truth of the matter is that I do not do the "girly-girl thing" at all well-- I'm more the wild-(Hare)-child-of-the-Djinn type, in Tuareg silver, tattoos and plenty of kohl around the eyes, the better to See the Spirits with...

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  1. Delicious! Other Marlovians would be delighted if you also posted this at some of their sites, which I hope you do. This should also be posted at sonnet sites. I think the satellite dish has you currently tuned in to the Marlowe channel. Keep writing until the vein is tapped out!

    • Thanks! I wanted to have something written that, should I ever make it to Westminster, I could leave as an offering with the flowers I’d be bringing. I will find a way to share it with other Marlovians, but it isn’t quite the thing to leave in the comments for any of the articles currently on the blog I mentioned in my other post, as it would not be on-topic.

      The Rabbit-ears are tuned to more than the Marlowe Channel at the moment– I had a pre-cog dream yesterday morning that I’ll be blogging about in short order, as it was extremely weird how it tallied with what went on in my work-day yesterday. I didn’t realize it until I was half way through my stint at Linda Vista, but my dream accurately predicted the library I wound up working at, even though I was a call-in and I didn’t know where I’d be assigned. It also predicted something eerie that I saw on my way to work, but again I didn’t realize this until it dawned on me at about 3 p.m. that I had accurately dreamed about where I’d be working. It’s got me both delighted and also a bit weirded-out, frankly…

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